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Hi, Iโ€™m Sadiya Mukhtar. I am 19 years old. I love reading, writing and talking. I am also trying my best to live a life I am proud of.

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I love talking, researching and working on a range of things from business, investing, philanthropy, books, history and culture to beauty, fashion, physical and mental health.

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๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐ŸŽ“I am getting my B.Sc in Biological science from Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria.

โœ๏ธOn this blog I write about things that I care about and I want others to know about.

๐Ÿ›My class โ€œThe ABCโ€™s of Productivityโ€ takes you through the essential skills you must master in order to begin your productivity journey or get better at it. It is all about how you can make your work or school life much better and live a happier and more productive life.

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Come with me on this journey of learning, understanding and enjoying this thing called life.

Sadiya Mukhtar

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  • What is Codependency?
    People that are in codependent relationships tend to have anxiety and boundary distortions relative to intimacy and separation.
  • World Religion Day- January 16th 2022
    84% of the global population identifies with a religious group. 2.3 billion or 31.2% of the total world population identify as Christians, 1.8 billion or 24.1% identify as Muslims, 1.1 billion or 15.1% as Hindus and 500 million or 6.9% as Buddhists. Many scholars estimate that there are approximately 4,200 different active religions in the world today.
  • The Curse of Knowledge and Hindsight Bias
    The curse of knowledge is a cognitive bias that occurs when an individual, who is communicating with other individuals, assumes they have the background knowledge to understand.
  • Timing
    We all think we know what we want and when we should get what we want. But the only one who knows is God and there are very good reasons for that. Just trust Godโ€™s timing and know that everything will unfold just as it is supposed to. The pressure is an illusion.
  • Quote of The Day #2
    Where you are a year from now is a reflection of the choices you choose to make right now. Choose wisely. Have a great 2022! If you found this helpful and enjoyed this blog post, please like, comment and share it with a friend or anyone you think would benefit from it. Thank you forContinue reading “Quote of The Day #2”
  • How To Plan For 2022 Using Questions
    Happy new year and welcome to 2022! I hope your year is filled with happiness, love, blessings and a lot of success.
  • Monthly Reflection- December 2021
    Here are the learnings and experiences I found worth sharing in December 2021.
  • Consistency Over Motivation
    Consistency is what makes you do what you need to do even when youโ€™re tired. Krissy Cela describes consistency as โ€œshowing upโ€ and adds that consistency is flexible.
  • Summary of How To Get Over A Boy by Chidera Eggerue
    How to Get Over a Boy teaches you how to take control over your life and gain the power to put yourself first in all your romantic relationships.
  • How You Can Make An Impact In 2022
    Oftentimes when we think of change, we think of taking drastic measures to create overnight improvements. The best and most realistic process is taking small steps.
  • What I Learned In 2021
    Hereโ€™s a brief summary of what I learned in 2021 that I find worth sharing. Have a lovely read.
  • Communication Is Key- Cliche But True
    Whether we like it or not, we are always communicating. People cannot stop communicating. Through every expression, movement or lack of it…
  • Top Blog Posts In 2021
    Based on how much you all engaged with the posts… Summary of You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero… This one is very close to my heart as everything I mentioned was either from…
  • Monthly Reflection- November 2021
    Now, here are the learnings and experiences I found worth sharing in November 2021.
  • The Power Of Affirmations
    Affirmations are simply positive statements that, when repeated regularly, can help us break the habit of negative self-talk and overcome those self-sabotaging tendencies that have become habit.
  • Kind Reminders #1
    With our often busy schedules, we get caught up in the day to day activities that we sometimes forget many of the things that we already know which if we were to apply to our lives religiously, things would be much easier. Every new day is a chance to try again Despite what happened yesterday,Continue reading “Kind Reminders #1”
  • Can Money Buy Happiness?
    In an article published by nature human behaviour (link it here) in 2018, they examined the relationship between money and happiness and state
  • Quote Of The Day #1
    This is a sign for you to take action and bring your dreams into reality.
  • Are You Waking Up To Social Media?
    Instead of giving power to yourself on how you want to start your day, you are giving that control over to your phone…
  • Stop Overthinking- Youโ€™re breaking your own heart
    If it is out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind too.